Monday, March 10, 2014


Used with permission of Michael Francis Heywood Heywood Family Tree 

I was very excited to find this picture of Eliza Jane (Smith) Trindle and her family (Trindles, Crawfords, and more) taken in July of 1923. It appears it was an 82nd birthday party.  Eliza died later that year in the home of her son Walter.  I don't recognize many of the faces but a few stood out right away.  First on the left in the back row is Walter Trindle, 5th is his son Ivan, and 9th is his son Clarence.

2nd from the right in the row of seated women is Bertha Trindle Crawford and next to her (I believe) is Cora Helen who later in life married Clarence Trindle, her second marriage and his third.

Possibly to the right of Eliza is Mabel (Trindle) Osborn and her daughter Beulah.  The man second from the right looks like a picture I have of Donald Trindle, but he would only be 14 in 1922 so perhaps that is his brother Harold who would be 20 and the boy to his right is Donald?

Michael has some great pictures of the Crawfords on his family tree, check them out.

I welcome clues.

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