Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekly Puzzle - Gordon Trindle

Three records for Gordon Trindle have popped up in my research.  The oldest is for Gordon W Trindle.  In 1858 he was a witness in court and the defense tried to prove that he was insane. Sane or not, who is he?

4 Brooklyn Daily Eagle 2 Dec 1858
The next record is nearly 80 years later for Gordon Trindle a member of the crew of the Shellco, arriving in the port of Seattle, WA in 1933 from Victoria.  He was born about 1909 and is listed as English.

Who is he?

Last we find Gordon C Trindle mustering out of the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, NC in Jul 1947

This might possibly be the same Gordon as the one listed above.  There is no age listed in this record and the Gordon in the first record would be about 38 well within the parameters of those who fought in WWII.  However, I found no other again who is Gordon Trindle?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekly Puzzle - Timothy Trindle

The Weekly Wisconsin - 1 Jan 1887
Who is Timothy?  He does not show up in any record I have found to date with any spelling of Trindle.  He is not listed in the First Battalion in the National Parks database, did he change his name?  The only Timothy listed is

Pradle , Timothy H.

1st Battalion, Dakota Cavalry  



 I did not find any records for Timothy Pradle, either.  
Clues are welcome.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Puzzle Jesse Trindle - Wiper

Jesse Trindle, coal heaver / wiper (coal passer), was admitted to the hospital in the fall of 1900 and again in late winter 1901.  Who is he?  It seems likely that he is Jesse the son of John K and Lydia Hancock, born in Greensburg, Indiana in 1875 and married in 1901 in New Franklin, Howard, Missouri to Minnie Waterfield.  Most probably he was working on a vessel that plied the Missouri River, which was about five miles from New Franklin.  Franklin Junction does not appear on today's maps, was where the road to New Franklin hits the river?

The Sedalia Democrat 22 Oct 1900

The Sedalia Democrat 12 Feb 1901
If this is the correct Jesse, and no other known Jesse would fit the time period, then he is listed as a servant in the 1900 census, living in Franklin.  In 1910 he is a widower, living in Jefferson City.  He was remarried there to Dollie Gouge in 1911. Jesse worked as a prison guard in Jefferson City where he died in 1942.

He had three children with Minnie: Opal, Jesse Thomas and John Fleming and five children with Dollie: Ruth, Raymond, Leroy, Lodell and Bernice.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly Puzzle - Arthur Trindle - revisted

Sometimes looking long enough proves a connection.  The post (Charles Arthur Trendell) - Sep 23, 2013  discussed the possibility that Arthur was the son of George Trindle born in NY and died in MS. I made what seemed a good case for that supposition.  Last night I found the article that puts the "icing on the cake."  According to the Fort Scott Daily Monitor of 30 Jun 1889, Arthur's father had deserted the family and Arthur made daily trips to the water works where his father had worked trying to find some clue to his current location.

One conflict here might be that we know George the father of Arthur Trindle was a RR engineer not a stationary engineer, but further findings clarify this and continue to prove the connection.

The Wichita Beacon Sat 13 Sep 1884

The first proves the stationary engineer in Kansas City was named George.

Second are directory listings for Lydia Trindle in Kansas City in 1888-1891.  In 1888 and 1890 Lydia is listed as the "widow" of George.   This is not unusual, many abandoned and divorced women were listed as widows.

The 1888 listing showing George is already gone would work with the Nov 1887 marriage of George to Emma.


Of interest in 1890 is the listing in the same household of Frank a fireman.  Frank the son of Lydia and George would have been only 13 or 14 at the time, but was the only male left in the household and would have been needed to help support the family.  An index for Kansas City in 1891 on lists Lydia but not Frank.  It is supposed this is the same Lydia, but is not proven.

Lydia Trindle
Location 2:r 1124 Grand avenue
Business Name:Crescent Laundry

Further corroboration that this is the correct family comes with a mention in the Wichita Eagle of 5 June 1884 that Gracie Trindle contributed one basket of flowers to decoration day celebration.  We have now found all family members in Kansas City except Estella.

Looking further for Grace we find that she married Martin Corbett on 23 Feb 1895.   

We are left with the following questions. What happened to Lydia?  Did she die before 1910 as she is not in MO death records as Lydia Trindle -any spelling.  Did she remarry?  Did she move?  Was there ever a divorce?  

What happened to Frank?  I have not found him in any subsequent records including 1900 census and beyond.  

Is George in fact the same George as the one who died in Mississippi.  This I believe to be true.  There are too many coincidences to believe there is another George Trindle who was a Railroad conductor and we have proven that George the Railroad conductor of Wisconsin and Minnesota is in fact George the stationary engineer of Kansas City by finding his abandoned wife and three of four children in Kansas City.   I'm still looking for current family members that might be able to clear up some of the mystery.