Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Coincidence or Connection

The Kearney /Daily Hub 22 Dec 1891

Ira Irvin Trindle and Flora Eva Trindle Pitzer, wife of George Amos, were two of the children of John Heaston Trindle.  The question is, why were they in Kearney, which was the home of John Frank Trindle and his brother George Washington Trindle.

Did they know each other, John Heaston was the son of Andrew, the son of Alexander, son of John, son of William of Trindle Springs. This lineage is complete.

John Frank was the son of James, son of William M,, son of William, who was most likely the son of John who might have been a brother of William of Trindle Springs.  There are missing links in this lineage.

So the connection is most likely 4th cousin once removed.  I have searched for a closer relative that Ira and Flora might have been visiting but so far have had no luck.

It seems the newspaper might cooperate and have a notice telling who, Ira and Flora, who lived in Van Meter, were visiting.

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