Wednesday, November 25, 2015

William H Trindle - Sheriff of Wayne County Indiana

Not everything is a puzzle.  The 1880 census lists William as the sheriff of Wayne county.  The following news-clippings add a bit more.
Hagerstown Exponent (Hagerstown IN) 12 Feb 1880 Thu p3

Hagerstown Exponent (Hagerstown IN)   4 Mar 1880 p 2

21 Hagerstown Exponent (Hagerstown IN)   11 Mar 1880 p3

21 Hagerstown Exponent (Hagerstown IN)     18 Mar 1880 p4 

Hagerstown Exponent (Hagerstown IN)       8 Apr 1880 Th p2

So.. a question.  It appears that William lost the election for sheriff, yet when the census was taken on 15 June he is listed as Sheriff and the prisoner's are listed with him.  Was the newspaper wrong?  Or was this only a partial report for the town of Hagerstown rather than for the whole county? Did the change of office take place after June 15?  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sorting out Trindles

Over the years many Trindle researchers have contributed to the files I've collected.  Among the records that were confused were the children of John M and Mary Raymond Trindle and those of his brother Samuel Swan and Ann Coen Trindle.

The newspapers of 1873 help to sort them out.

Indianapolis News 30 Sep 1873 p1

Indianapolis News 3 Nov 1873

Indianapolis News 6  Nov 1873

I have just sent a request that these two children be unlinked from John M and relinked to Samuel Swan on FindAGrave.....

John also lost two children in their youth. Eleanora (Lonnie) died in April 1880 at the age of 14 and Frances Arbena died a month earlier at the age of 7.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dr. Trindle - Pittsburgh 1860

Pittsburgh Daily Post 11 Sep 1860 p 1
I don't find any Trindles in Pittsburgh in the 1860 census, nor am I aware of any physicians at this time in Pennsylvania.  Who is Dr. Trindle?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mary Trindle - Cincinnati, Ohio 1859

Cincinnati Daily Press 7 Nov 1859 Mon p 4

Who is Mary?  We find Frederick Trindle (bn. in Germany 1811) living in Cincinnati by 1856 when his daughter Rosa was born.  His wife is Margaret.  There is no daughter Mary in the 1850 or 1870 census.  The 1860 census has not been located.

Cincinnati Enquirer 9 Feb 1865 p3

No other Trindle family is  found in Cincinnati at that time. Who is Mary?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Joseph Trindle in Wilmington, Ohio

The following newspaper articles do not link to any known family. All the articles take place within a three month period.  With no 1890 census the hope of finding them in census records is diminished.

Wilmington Journal 2 Nov 1887

Wilmington Journal 28 Dec 1887

Wilmington Journal 8 Jan 1888

Wilmington Journal 25 Jan 1888

Joseph Goodhue Trindle was born in 1864 in Ohio, but he is listed as single in records in 1900 and later. I didn't find any other likely candidates for either Joseph or Maude and no Gardner's that connect to the family in that time and place.

Who are they?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cowardly Blow - Sam Trindle

The Indianapolis News - Tue 22 Dec 1896
 The news was carried to the Cincinnati Enquirer the next day where they called it a "Cowardly Blow"

Cincinnati Enquirer 23 Dec 1896

Samuel Trindle was most likely the son of John K Trindle.  He was born in 1870 in Ripley County, Indiana and died in Fort Wayne, IN in 1945.  Samuel married twice and had eleven children.

Does anyone have another suggestion for his ancestry?

Monday, October 12, 2015

A couple more Kansas city mysteries

The Kansas City Gazette (Kansas City, MO) 18 Mar  1892
Who is C.P. Trindle,  One possibility is Charles (F?) the son of Frederick Jacob Trindle was living in Cincinnati in 1891. I have not found any records after that date.

Kansas City Journal 7 Dec 1899
Who is S. Trindle?  Charles above had a brother Samuel, but he died back in Cincinnati in 1902.

Ideas, anyone??