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Weekly Puzzle - George Trindle

George Trindle
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George was born 6 Jun 1850 in New York and died 27 Apr 1901 in Mississippi.  He and many of his family are buried in Natchez City Cemetery. George married Emma A Noyes (1870 AL/MS - 1943 MS) on 17 Nov 1887 in Adams Co, MS (1) and they had three known children
  • James Frederick 1888 MS-1964 MS m. Mary Lombardo (1 child bn 1918 not living with them in 1920)
  • Arthur @1890 MS - 1944 m Mary Louise Cruise (5 children)
  • Lewis Edward Trindle @1890 MS - 1969 OK m. Winnie McDonald (2 children) 
These are the George Trindles that I have records for who were born in the right era
1. George W. Trindle son of James S. Trindle and Margaret Baird bn in PA 1850.  He is accounted for in 1900 and we have a death record for 1914.

2. George Trindle son of Francis Trindle and Lucy bn 1850 CT.  He is listed with his parents Francis and Lucy with the notation "paupers of Brookfield" written on the side. I have no records for George or his parents after 1860.

3. George Trindell bn 1850 in Maryland was living in Baltimore in 1880.

4.  George Trindell bn 1843 New York is indexed in the 1850 census, but closely comparing the writing to other records it is obvious this is George Prindell.

5.  George Trindle bn abt 1847. FamilySearch lists a birth/baptism for George the son of Gilbert and Mariah on 2 Apr 1847.  George (found in Mississippi) used a birth date of 6 Jun 1850.  

In 1850 he is living with his parents in Oswego County.

Gilbert is not found in any other censuses.  George is found in the 1860 census in Lewis County, living with Himar Stafford.  Maria (Mariah) is not in the household..  This is the same place where the birth record is found  so it likely to be the same George.  He is has not been found in the 1870 or 1880 census to date.

FamilySearch lists a birth for George the son of Gilbert and Mariah on 2 Apr 1847.  Our George has a birth date of 6 Jun 1850 on this tombstone and a date of Feb 1860 in the 1900 census.

6. [Or is this still #5] is George Trindle/Trindell bn abt 1847 in NY.  George married Lydia Putnam abt 1868. According to birth records of his known children he is living in  Wisconsin in 1869 (Estella 1869- 1945 WA) and 1876 (Arthur 1876-unk) and possibly in Alabama/California ?  in 1873 where Gracy is born.  However, he is listed as a RR Engineer in the 1880 census so it is possible that the family traveled with him at times.

Note BP #4 

This is corroborated by the census, he is listed living next to his in-laws in Brown, Wisconsin in 1870 and in Waseca, Minnesota in 1880.  The 1870 census states he was born in Michigan, the 1880 census lists his birthplace as New York.  

This is a difficult family to trace.  In 1870 the name is spelled Trindle, in 1880 Trindale, and on Estella's death certificate Trindell.  No further records for any of the family were found after 1880 except for Estella whose death certificate lists her parents George Trindell and Lydia Putnam.

So ... is George in fact the same man as one of those listed above.  It is hard to believe that there would be no record for him before 1887 if he was born in New York.  Of course I might have missed records, and he might well be hiding in the census if he wasn't living with parents in any census year.

HELP!   There are descendants of George from Alabama and I believe of Estella out there.  Does anyone have records that might supply more information I look forward to any contributions that shed light on the puzzle of George of Mississippi.

(1)  "Mississippi, Marriages, 1800-1911." Index. FamilySearch. : accessed 2013. (note Emma's name is wrong in this record)

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