Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - German Roots

On 3 Jun 1857 Herman Trendel, age 19, a grocer, arrived in the Port of New York on the Orpheus.  Having sailed from Bremerhaven, Germany. His stated destination was New York.

In 1870 Herman Trendel is residing in Chicago, Cook, Illinois working as a driver.  Living with him are his wife, Caroline Mack and three sons: Herman, Theodore and Julius.  In 1880 Caroline is listed as a widow and a daughter Caroline has been added to the family.

The likelyhood is that this is the same man.  There is no Herman Trendel found living in New York in 1870. Herman may have made connections on the voyage with passengers destined for Chicago, there were some.

All four children were married and had children.

So the question is, who is Herman Trendel?  Where in Germany did he come from?  It appears that Caroline was from Baden and Catholic, was Herman Catholic as well?

While following German families is not going to add to my own genealogy, following these families does help in sorting through records that might be relevant.


  1. If Caroline was Catholic most likely she would have had the children Baptized in the local German Catholic Church. You could check if the Arch Diocese has an Archives and from personal experience the Germans keep great records.

  2. I can tell you about Herman..sadly he passed away shortly after that census. Herman Junior became the man of the family. He was married three times in one decade (two wives died in childbirth...) Are you connected? I have a lot on him as he is my Great Grandfather.

  3. Hi Lynne... I am not connected to Herman but for the past 30 years I have been researching all Trindle lines (of all spellings). My husband is descended from William of Cumberland Co. PA. If you are willing to share information on Herman I would love to add it to my files and also would welcome a "guest post" here on the blog if you'd like to add to what I have posted. My regular email is, probably easier to communicate that way.