Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekly Puzzle - Gordon Trindle

Three records for Gordon Trindle have popped up in my research.  The oldest is for Gordon W Trindle.  In 1858 he was a witness in court and the defense tried to prove that he was insane. Sane or not, who is he?

4 Brooklyn Daily Eagle 2 Dec 1858
The next record is nearly 80 years later for Gordon Trindle a member of the crew of the Shellco, arriving in the port of Seattle, WA in 1933 from Victoria.  He was born about 1909 and is listed as English.

Who is he?

Last we find Gordon C Trindle mustering out of the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, NC in Jul 1947

This might possibly be the same Gordon as the one listed above.  There is no age listed in this record and the Gordon in the first record would be about 38 well within the parameters of those who fought in WWII.  However, I found no other again who is Gordon Trindle?

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