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1867 Dallas Co, IA
1930 Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Walter, the fifth of eleven children of Aaron Trindle and Eliza Jane Smith, was born in Dallas Co. IA in 1867.  He was only the second child and the first son to live past the age of two.  The family moved to Colorado shortly after the marriage of his older sister in 1877 and there on 18 Dec 1889 in Loveland he married Annie Dora Naylor.
"Mr. Walter H. Trindle and Miss Dora A. Naylor were married on Wednesday, December 18, at the residence of the brides parents, north of this town. Rev. Mr. Griffith officiating. Only the families of the contracting parties were present.  Mr. Trimble is one of our brightest of young men who has a host of friends and the bride is a charming young lady who is much admired in society circles.  We wish them a prosperous journey through life and that their pathway may be strewn with roses." FORT COLLINS WEEKLY COURIER

Walter was employed by the Great Western sugar Corporation  in Loveland .  Over the next 17 years five children extended the family. In 1910 he was transferred to Long Beach, California, where in 1918 they bought a house at 2260 Elm Street.

Beulah Garrison recalls "  I was 11 when he died and I don't remember him very well.  He was a big man and very quiet.  He had 5 Chihuahua dogs and a big brown leather chair.  When he came in and sat down they all flew into his lap.  They hated everyone else and just tolerated Grandma.  I knew him with a huge red mustache and he drank from a mustache cup.  (Greg's picture reminded me a lot of him)  I don't remember him playing with me at all.

He was an excellent carpenter and built the Holly Sugar Factory in Santa Ana that was in use until the middle 1990's, when it was torn down.  Whe he lived in long beach he built busses and was much sought after because he was left handed and could use tools in places difficult for a right handed man (actually he was totally ambidexterous) "

Walter died in Long Beach on 30 Dec 1930.  His death certificate attributes his death to apoplexy due to high blood pressure.  He is buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood.

Annie Dora remarried but is buried next to Walter.

See Documents page for links to Walter's documents. 

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