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b. abt 1731
d. 11 Jan 1784 Cumberland Co., PA

William claimed John, his eldest son,  as his beloved son in his will.  John followed in his father's footsteps running a tavern that served as a stopover for wagons waiting to cross the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg while on their way to Philadelphia to sell livestock.  The river, which had to be forded, was sometimes too deep to cross and layovers could become lengthy. Besides the tavern John owned the pastures where the herds would graze until they could continue, he also owned a repair shop.

John like the rest of his family was a staunch church supporter.  He pledged support of 75 pounds a year to the Silver Springs Presbyterian Church.  This was a huge sum of money in the late eighteen hundreds.

In 1768 John was taxed on 3 horses, 3 cows, 4 sheep, 200 W and 60 C. In 1769 there were 2 horses, 33 cows and 5 sheep, 300W and 50C; however, a second John Trindle is listed, this can not be a son as John's son John was not born until 1768.  The second John has 3 horses and 3 cows, 150 W and 50 C.  It might be relavant to note that a John Trimble listed in 1768 is not in the 1769 listing.  In 1770 the only listing is 3h, 2c, 6s, 150W, 50L, 60C.  There is no Trimble listing.

In 1778 we find John Esq'r with 183 acres, 3 horses, 5 cows paying 18.12.0 and John with 22 acres 2 horses and 4 cows paying 7.3.4

In 1777 the Supreme executive council of Pennsylvania appointed an entirely new board of justices when some of the old ones failed to take the oath of allegiance, John was one of those that did take the oath. In 1778 he was appointed a Captain of the Cumberland County Militia and in 1780 was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant (leader of a battalion) in the Continental Army.  John served throughout the Revolution.

Like many men of the time,  the war seemed to have taken the last of John's strength and he died at the age of 53 in 1784. He is buried in the Silver Springs Presbyterian Church Graveyard. The tombstone, which is still standing, says  "Here lies the body of John Trindle, who departed this life , the 11th day of January, AD 1784  53 years."

Upon his death, John's estate was held up by the presence of minor children. Final papers were not signed until about 1803 when those children had come of age.  In some cases their spouses were named.  It is fortunate for us that this is the case, some of the unknown descendants were tied in using these Orpan Court Papers. The city lot of John Trindle's estate was bought by Adam Longsdorf who built a new hotel on it.  The Trindle Inn, a two story-three brick thick hotel built in 1800, stood in place until 1962 when the main road encroached upon it's foundation.  During the spring floods, residents would move to the second floor to escape the water. Part of the land that John Trindle owned was occupied by a housing development called TRINDLE MANOR in the 1960's.  It is along one of the original Trindle Springs.

"Cumberland County, The commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the sheriff of Cumberton County greeting.  Whereas Joshua Myers of the county of Cumberland preferreda petition before the Judges of the Orphan Counrt of the said county on the 22 day of October AD 1800 then sitting in the Borough of Carlisle setting forth that John Trindle late of the county of Cumberland died Intestate leaving a wido Margery Trindle, and seven children vis, Anne Trindle now intermarried with Samuel Lamb Jane Trindle now Intermarried with James Holmes, John Trindle, Alexander Trindle, Agness Trindle intermarried with Samuel Paxton. margery Trindle now intermarried with Samuel Johnston and David Trindle and being in his lifetime and at the time of his death seized in his demesne as of fee of and in one certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred and twenty acres more of less situate in Alen and East-Pennsborough Townships in the County aforesaid bounded by lands of the Heirs of Alexander Trindle the Heirs of Wm Trindle the lands of Matheas Sailer and John Stear and others and that he died intestate so there of seized.  And whereas Alexander Trindle aforesaid one of the children of the said John Trindle deceased and his wife Sarah Trindle by their deed of Indeture bearing the date of April 1795 did transfer and convey to the said Joshua Myers all their Interest right title claim and demand whatsoever in and to their undivided share of the above mentioned tract or parcel of Land reference being had to the  said deed more fully appears.  And whereas Margery Trindle aforesaid one of the children of the said John Trindle decd intermarried with Samuel Johnston by their deed of Indenture bearing date the twenty first day of January 1800 did transfer & convey unto the said Joshua Myers all their right, title, interest, claim and demand whatsoever in and to their undivided share of the above mentioned tract or parcel of land being had to this said deed more fully appears...."