Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - University of Wisconsin graduate

Here is another Wisconsin puzzle-  From the University of Wisconsin Badger Yearbook Class of 1950

This is Alice A Trindle of Madison - her emphasis was Hispanic Studies.  She was a member of Sigma Delta Pi - The National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society.

Who is Alice?


  1. Neat blog! Welcome to GeneaBloggers :) I hope you get some great help on your puzzles - I'll have to check them out when I have time :)

  2. Hi Cath,

    My first cousin once removed Alice Ann Trindle, is the right age and lived in Madison at least in 1930 and 1940. I don't know how much info I should post in a comment as she is still alive as far as I can tell. I have her in my Ancestry.Com tree. ...John Trindle, Williamsburg, VA P.S. her sister Norma Jean class of 54 is in the 1951 1953, and 1954 yearbooks.

    1. Fantastic, in my records her name is Mary Alice, so I hadn't made the connection. Even more exciting is making contact with you. You are Helen's great-nephew, right? I'd love to compare information with you, I think I remember that some of her information went to your father. My father-in-law saved Helen's newsletters and that was my start to researching the Trindle family some thirty years ago. If you send to my regular email we can keep anything current off line!

  3. I have the newsletters and some material relating to Carl Farnsworth (George W. Trindle's brother-in-law) from my father, but nothing else. He's not much of a pack rat. Helen was my great aunt, yes (grand aunt? same thing?) and I was able to meet her in person very soon before she died. I was a teenager at the time so the genealogy bug hadn't bit yet.