Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - John M Trindle

John M. Trindle bn 1816 d 15 Aug 1835 is buried in Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, Jennings, Indiana.

Who is he.  No other Trindle records have been found, to date, in Jennings County.

Population of Jennings County

In 1840 Alexander Trindle was one of the appraisers in the estate of Jacob Funkhouser in adjoining Ripley County. Alexander was born about 1804, making him too young to be the father of John. He does name a son, born in 1840, John K.

According to his descendants, Alexander was the son of William Trindle born 1765-1774, died 1820 in Fairfield, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. I have not seen irrefutable proof at this point of his parentage. If Alexander is the son of this William, then there was purportedly a brother John (H) who again supposedly had a son John who lived in Philadelphia and then moved on and died in Texas. Again I have no records upholding any of these connections.  

That John was said to have been born in 1798, therefore not the John M. born in 1816. The last known child attributed to William was born in 1809. It seems unlikely that he had a child born in 1816.

So where does that leave us. Were John M in Jennings County and Alexander Trindle in Ripley county totally unrelated? Or were they cousins? If anyone can claim John or show proof of the connections of Alexander"s family, please leave a message!

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