Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - J.F. Trindle praises Hoyt's Compound

Monitor-Index and Democrat - Moberly MO
Thursday Evening, Oct 3,1929

So... a slightly different puzzle today.  John Fleming Trindle was living in Jefferson City, Missouri when he was married in 1927, so the assumption is this should be him.  BUT - John Fleming Trindle was only 22 years old in 1929.  Either this is not John Fleming or either his illness or Hoyt's Compound caused him to age a little beyond his years.  Or perhaps the ad agency thought he looked a little too young to be effective so they aged him?  How would that work if everyone knew him?

John's father is Jesse Thomas.  I have not found him in the census for 1930, but he died in Jefferson City in 1947.  Might the J.T have been corrupted to J.F?

Does anyone have a picture of John Fleming or Jesse Thomas Trindle for comparison?  Was there another J.F. Trindle in Jefferson City?

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