Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Thomas Trindle

Here's another Cumberland County (PA) Puzzle.  Thomas Trindle is living in Carlisle in 1789.  Who is Thomas?  None of the sons of William had a son named Thomas.  Is Thomas his nephew or great-nephew.  Is he perhaps a son of John who resided somewhere in Cumberland Co. when John Jr. (son of William) serves on a Jury.  It seems unlikely that he is completely unrelated.  Is this Thomas the Thomas Trindal, bn 1760-1770, who is found in Philadelphia in 1830?  If so where is he between 1789 and 1830?

We all thought as more records became available we would start to find answers to our genealogical puzzles.  But sometimes it seems they grow more intricate with each record set that emerges.  I'm looking for more early records for Thomas with any spelling of Trindle (Trindal, Trindel, Trindall, Trindell, Tren.......etc)

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