Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Year's Letter 2014

In 1996 after a few years of corresponding with Trindle families throughout the country and putting together a book on the Trindle family, I took up Helen Trindle's idea of an annual newsletter.  The newsletter went out to anyone that wanted it, plus a few new addresses that I would dig up each year. One unsolicited mailing found my husband's second cousin Bruce and the Civil War letters of Aaron Trindle.  Unfortunately, time and energy waned and grandchildren intervened.  The last one to go out was in 2006.  

This blog is my attempt to do two things.  First continue the connection to other Trindle researchers. Second, get my husband's Trindle genealogy out where others can find it.  All my great finds can be read by millions of researchers.  Well, okay, I'm happy if four people read it a week.  I've been ecstatic that those weekly numbers are now always double digit!  

My goal is to share research so that no one has to do it over.  So I thought I'd  give you a few statistics.
  • My Trindle file now includes:
    • 11,625 Individuals in 
    • 3870 families
    • 18121 events in 
    • 2571 places (close to twenty countries and every state of the union)
  • There are 9106 citations, which means there is still a lot of work to do to corroborate other events and family connections.
  • I have 8629 digital images/ documents in 813 folders.
  • This is only the Trindle families (of all spellings) and their descendants.  All my husbands collateral families are in separate files. [Chapman, Naylor, Grant, Oakes.....etc] 
I will happily share information with interested researchers.  
Email me at Catht@aol.com 

Have a wonderful new year!