Monday, January 5, 2015

Monthly Puzzle - Discussing Ed's Ancestry

The Powell Tribune, Powell WY, has the following gossip on page one of the 17 Nov 1916 issue.

I'm guessing that this is Edmund Trendel/Trindel born 1874 in Indiana to Alexander Trindel and Eliza Colvin.  

Edmund and Martha lived for a short time in Wyoming.  They can be found there in 1910, in Nebraska in 1920 and in Iowa in 1930.

It is interesting that the spelling is Trindle here as nearly every record I've found, including Edmund's death certificates uses the spelling Trindel.

The puzzle surrounding Edmund lies a few generations earlier.  We are sure of his parents as they are listed on the death certificate.  His grandparents are Alexander Trindle and Margarethe Kaster.  Alexander was born, according to Helen Trindle, on 12 Sep 1804 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  However, his tombstone gives a birth date of  9 Jun 1807.  Alexander is living in Beaver County in 1830 but by 1840 has moved to Ripley County, Indiana.

In 1880 the the two Alexander's, father and son, are listed next to each other in Ripley County.  Living with the father is John age 13 listed as son.  It is most likely that this is the son of their son John and Jennie Tucker. Alexander died in 1887 and Margarethe in 1893. They are buried in Boocher Cemetery near Napoleon in Ripley County.

So, who is Alexander "the father"?  One set of researcher's state that he is the son of Capt. Alexander Trindle (John / William) and Sarah Crocket.  We know that this is incorrect as Alexander Crocket Trindle married Delitha Austel and her mother was the second wife of Alexander (John / William). Additionally the Alexander who married Sarah Crockett was not a Captain.

A second set of researchers has named his father as William Trindle (William). That connection can not be correct as William's son Alexander was born just after his death in 1874 nearly thirty years before this Alexander.

There are two known options...and probably more unknown options.

(1) Alexander the son of William (William) supposedly had a son Alexander.  He supposedly was born before 1820 and lived in Indiana.

(2) John the son of William (William) purportedly married Margaret Trindle the daughter of Williams brother Alexander and they had a son Alexander who would have been born about 1807.

Neither of these options is supported by documentation.  There are miscellaneous records in Beaver County PA and in Indiana that might fit, but nothing at this point proving any connections.

This is an invitation to send any records that might prove the parentage of Alexander Trindle.

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