Monday, April 27, 2015

Did this work out?

  Friday, January 16, 1903  

Kalamazoo Gazette (Michigan) 


Josephine (St. John) was the wife of Alexander Trindle, the son of Alexander and Delitha Austell, grandson of Alexander and Sarah Crockett.

It is interesting that this plan was concocted in the beginning of 1903, Alexander was still alive, he died in October of that year in Boise, Idaho.  

Did the plan fail and they moved on to Boise?  Did he go on his own?

Josephine was probably in Malibu, California by 1910.  There is a Mrs. Trindell that would fit and I haven't found her elsewhere.  She did die in Los Angeles County CA in 1935.

I would love to know if the plan worked.  

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