Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly Puzzle Jesse Trindle - Wiper

Jesse Trindle, coal heaver / wiper (coal passer), was admitted to the hospital in the fall of 1900 and again in late winter 1901.  Who is he?  It seems likely that he is Jesse the son of John K and Lydia Hancock, born in Greensburg, Indiana in 1875 and married in 1901 in New Franklin, Howard, Missouri to Minnie Waterfield.  Most probably he was working on a vessel that plied the Missouri River, which was about five miles from New Franklin.  Franklin Junction does not appear on today's maps, was where the road to New Franklin hits the river?

The Sedalia Democrat 22 Oct 1900

The Sedalia Democrat 12 Feb 1901
If this is the correct Jesse, and no other known Jesse would fit the time period, then he is listed as a servant in the 1900 census, living in Franklin.  In 1910 he is a widower, living in Jefferson City.  He was remarried there to Dollie Gouge in 1911. Jesse worked as a prison guard in Jefferson City where he died in 1942.

He had three children with Minnie: Opal, Jesse Thomas and John Fleming and five children with Dollie: Ruth, Raymond, Leroy, Lodell and Bernice.

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