Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Irish Connections

While researching Trindle genealogy, there are many stories of three brothers from Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, etc.  No exact connections have been found for any of these stories, but there are records in all of those places.

On the website Irishgenealogy.ie  there are 174 church records involving Trindles, dating as early as 1797.  These, of course, are too late to include William of Cumberland Co. PA.  But they are not too early to include some of the other Trindles that might have come from Ireland.  

ST. FINBARR'S STH, CORK Margaret Trindle d of Jo Trindle and Mary Wade
A search of civil registrations found 69 records. 

In 1911 only two households are found in the census, both in County Cork. Interestingly in 1901 there is only one individual Lily, in County Down.  I did not search for name alternatives.

In the Tithe Applotments three Trindles appear, all in County Cork.  Michael and Thomas are living in Knockadeen and Matthew in Drimolague.

William of Cumberland county married Margery McQuiston who was definitely Scots-Irish. Many others in the area were also. Did his ancestors live in Ireland for a generation or two? Records have not yet been found.

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