Thursday, May 5, 2016

Theron Trindle

The Great Register of Sutter County, California lists Theron Trindle in Yuba City in 1928.  Is this the same Theron Trindal, the son of Stephen Davis Trindal, who was living in Santa Cruz from about 1900 until his death in 1939.  If so who is Opal?  Theron in Santa Cruz was married to Hattie Robinson in 1900 and according to the 1930 census was still married.
If it is not the son of Stephen then who is he?  I haven't found any other Theron's in records and it is an unusual name.  It is interesting to note, however, that this record gives the Trindle spelling, whereas the 1930 census and most other records are Trindal.

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