Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Charles Arthur Trendell

On 28 Jun 1888(9) Charles Arthur Trendell, age 14 born in Wisconsin, drowned in the Water Works Reservoir. (1)  The reservoir, known as the Holly Street Reservoir, was located in the area that in the 1930s was known as Observation Park. (2) He is buried in lot 47 plot 25 of Union Cemetery. (2)  His tombstone gives the 1888 date and the Trendell spelling , his death certificate gives a spelling of Trendle and the year as1889.

In working on this puzzle, I think I might have started to solve another.  In July I posted the puzzle of George Trindle George Trindle, railroad engineer, born in NY died in MS.  One of the possible connections was that he was the same person as George Trindale, railroad engineer, born in New York and found in Minnesota in 1880.  One of the problems with that connection was a son Arthur born in Wisconsin about 1875 and a son Arthur born in Mississippi in 1890.

So, here is a solution to that problem.  Charles ARTHUR born in Wisconsin about 1875 (would be 14 in 1889) died in 1889.  Now an Arthur born in 1890 is no longer a problem.

So, I propose that Charles Arthur Trendell is the son of George Trindal and Lydia Putnam and that George Trindal and and George Trindle are in fact the same person.  This leaves us with the questions:  Why Charles Arthur was in Kansas City?  Did George and Lydia get divorced or did Lydia die?  Did C. Arthur not want to live in Mississippi with his step-mother?  What happened to his siblings Gracy and Frank?

Much more to solve and corrections and questions are always welcome!

(1) Missouri Death Records Jackson County, Roll C #19509.
(2) The Water Supply System of Kansas City, Missouri,  T. D. Samuel, Jr.  Journal (American Water Works Association) Vol 22 No 9 (September, 1930) pp. 1236-1246; Old Reservoir, New Park Site , Northeast
(3) Find A Grave 

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