Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly Puzzle - Thomas the Owler, miscreant?

Thomas Trindle owler  -  Stamford Mercury 11 apr 1717
Justice was a little more difficult in England in the 18th century.  Even though Thomas was acquitted he was not freed as the "government" appealed.  I didn't find anything more in the papers.  Did he in fact get found guilty after appeal?  Did he die in prison? Who is he? Next step would be to delve into court records.

A century later. Elizabeth Trindle was committed to the Castle in August of 1822 charged with uttering forged notes along with her companions Ann Rummer, James Drury and Peter Cannell, she was tried, found guilty and sentenced to death in March of 1823.

Norfolk Chronicle - 17 aug 1822 p 2 Postscripts
Norfolk Chronicle - 26 Mar 1823 p 4

Elizabeth was one of the lucky ones.   On 3 Jun 1823 she sailed on the Mary one of 27 convicts in a group of 127 female convicts who was transported for life.  The Mary arrived in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land on 5 Oct 1823. (2) Anne Rummer was among those on the vessel. It appears James Drury was also transported.


But....who is Elizabeth.  Is Trindle her maiden name or a married name.  I have not been able to find any verifiable records for her in England or Australia. (Searches were made allowing for all spelling variations.) There is an Elizabeth Trindell who died in Tasmania in 1825 and an Elizabeth Trinder (father Scott Williams) who died in Victoria in 1873.  Elizabeth Trindle m. Alexander McLean in 1857 in NSW. There are possible records in England, but not in Norfolk.  Without further information it is impossible to connect her to any family.

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