Monday, October 28, 2013

Virginia (Maryland) to California

In 1870 Daniel Trindle age 50 was living in Cottonwood, Yolo, California.  He is listed second so it is assumed it is the household of William Parker age 35.  Daniel is a stock-raiser with person property worth $500. also living in the household are two 9 year old boys Charlie (Indian) and Charles Rice (w.) both were born in California.

In 1867 Daniel Hudson Trindle registered to vote in Cottonwood.  His place of birth is listed as Maryland.

Daniel Trindle born about 1824 in Maryland is found in Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri in 1850. He is a private in Col. Briggs company of the US Artillery.

Does any one claim Daniel?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Found in Virginia

In 1840 Charleston, Kanawha, Virginia (now West Virginia) we find the household of Nicholas Trindle, which consists of one male 30-40, one female 20-30, and two children under five, one boy and one girl.   To date I have found no other records for Nicholas who would have been born between 1800 and 1810.

Listed a few lines later we find the household of Jno (Jonathon?) Trindle.  Here we find another boy and girl under age 5, a male 30-40 and a female 40-50.  

Who are these Trindles?  Is the 40-50 year old female perhaps the mother rather than wife of Jno? She might also be another relative or nurse come to take care of the children.

I find no evidence of a Trindle family in Virginia before or after 1840, although an individual does pop up here and there who was born in Virginia.  

Any clues are welcome

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Miss Trindle (Nurse)

On 19 March 1920, Miss Trindle age 39, a nurse whose last residence was Rangoon in Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar) , disembarked from the Lancashire (1) in London.

No first name is given.  So Miss Trindle was born between 20 Mar 1880 and 19 Mar 1881.  She was not an alien, but that means only that she was born within the British Commonwealth.  Was she born in Burma or India?  Was she born in England or some other country?

The assumption is that she probably went to Burma during the Great War as a nurse and was returning to England as the final troops were being recalled.

Can anyone give her a first name?

The 1921 census, which might help if we search for a female Trindle age 40 who is a nurse, will not be released until 2022.  A search of the 1911 census yielded one 1881 birth, Eliza in Wales.  There was also a Catherine born in 1883 in Surrey, but it seems unlikely that she would make herself older.  The same is true for Edith bn 1883 in London in 1911.  Dorothea bn 1883 also in London in 1911 appears to have died in 1919 so is out of the picture.  Are one of these three woman Miss Trindle the nurse?

(1) - Bibby Line