Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Mary Jane Trindle Noffsinger

On 16 Jun 1847 Mary Jane Trindle married Andrew Nofsinger in Knox County, Ohio.  

Andrew and Mary Jane were listed in Clay township, Knox County in the 1850 census with one son William age 2. (1)

On 5 Jan 1858 Andrew was married a second time to Helen Wood.  (2)

In 1860 Andrew and Helen were living in English, Keokuk, Iowa.  Five children are listed: Thornton (same as William above), James age 10, John age 8, Albert 2 and Mary A 2m.  It would seem likely that the first three are all the children of Mary Jane which puts her death between 1852 and 1858.  (3)

Further clarification comes from the 1856 Iowa census (English River, Keokuk).  Andrew, William T, James and John are living with Lucy Nofsinger age 70 most likely Andrew's mother.  Andrew is listed as a widower. (4)

So Mary Jane died sometime between John's birth in July 1852 and the date the census was taken in 1856.

Her tombstone is found in South English Cemetery listing both a birth and a death date of 1 Feb 1855. (5)

All well and good, but who is Mary Jane?

In 1850 William and Mary Trindle were living in Licking county (next door to Knox) Living with them is Matilda who was born in 1838.  Other children that have been suggested for this family are William Alexander bn 1822 (moved to Indiana), Rebecca bn some time after 1823 and Samuel bn 1837 (died age 20 buried in same cemetery as father).

This family configuration definitely could accept Mary Jane bn 1827 and perhaps still unconnected individuals born in Ohio.

If this is the correct family, does anyone have source information to prove it?  Does anyone have information to prove otherwise?

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - German Roots

On 3 Jun 1857 Herman Trendel, age 19, a grocer, arrived in the Port of New York on the Orpheus.  Having sailed from Bremerhaven, Germany. His stated destination was New York.

In 1870 Herman Trendel is residing in Chicago, Cook, Illinois working as a driver.  Living with him are his wife, Caroline Mack and three sons: Herman, Theodore and Julius.  In 1880 Caroline is listed as a widow and a daughter Caroline has been added to the family.

The likelyhood is that this is the same man.  There is no Herman Trendel found living in New York in 1870. Herman may have made connections on the voyage with passengers destined for Chicago, there were some.

All four children were married and had children.

So the question is, who is Herman Trendel?  Where in Germany did he come from?  It appears that Caroline was from Baden and Catholic, was Herman Catholic as well?

While following German families is not going to add to my own genealogy, following these families does help in sorting through records that might be relevant.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - More Irish Connections

On 18 May 1804 Thomas and Ann Trindell with 8 boxes, two trunks and one bed roll arrived in the Port of Philadelphia on the Cornelia.  The ship master was Theodore Bliss and it had sailed from Bristol.  Thomas and Ann settled in the Spring Garden area of Philadelphia where Thomas was a teacher.  He died in 1839, aged 77, of chronic hepatitis.  Ann was still alive in 1840, but not found in 1850.

Census records imply one son and one daughter, but direct connections haven't been found. There is a James Trindle in the same vicinity in 1824 who is also a teacher.  There is a Joseph Trindle in Spring Garden in 1840.  This may be the same Joseph that died in Philadelphia in 1841 (he was born in 1804). Adding to the difficulty of researching Thomas is the fact that every record found has a different spelling for Trindal.

Who is Thomas? Who were their children? Where in Ireland were they from?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - An Irish Connection

On Oct 3, 1852 in Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, Hellen Trindell, age 31, born in Scotland married William Dunlap, age 24, born in Ireland.

A search in the 1850 Census finds Hellen is not a Trindell by birth.  She is married to Alexander Trindle who was born in Ireland about 1814.  They have five living children who were all born in Kentucky, Jane 11, Alexander 8, Margaret 6, Jennetta 2 and Elizabeth 1.

Who is Alexander?  What is Hellen's family name?  What happened to the five children?  To date I have only found one.

Jane Farmer Fraas bn 19 Aug 1838 in Newport, Campbell, KY a widow died 14 Jan 1923 in Dayton, Campbell, KY.  Father's name Trandle, mother unknown. (KY Death Certificate - File# 470, Reg. #6, Reg Dist 202/2093).  The 1920 census confirms her father is born in Ireland and her mother in Scotland. (Dayton Ward 4, Campbell,Kentucky; Roll: T625_564; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 48; Jane Frass Household). 

According to the 1880 census Jane is already a widow with a 22 year old son with the last name Fraas.  So where did the Farmer come from?  Is it perhaps the name of her mother? (Dayton, Campbell, Kentucky; Roll: T-9_407Page: 268D; Enumeration District: 044; Jane Fraas household)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - A Tribute to Helen Margaret Trindle

Well, not quite weekly this time, getting a library catalog online took precedence, but here is a Trindle update and instead of a puzzle a tribute.

Thirty plus years ago, as I started thinking about doing my father's genealogy, my father-in-law gave me a pile of Trindle newsletters thinking I might also be interested in reading about the Trindle families ancestors.  After delving through those newsletters, the work of Helen Margaret Trindle, I was hooked.

On 10 Feb 1955, Helen started the Trindle Newsletter with a self introduction.  "Perhaps I can take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my immediate family.  I am the third child of George W. Trindle and Cora Farnsworth Trindle, born in Hansel, Iowa.  My brothers are James Carl now living in Charles City, Iowa and John Ralph living in Madison, WI.  When I was a year old we went to Kearney Nebraska for a year, then went to Mason City Iowa.  There we children went to school.  I took two years of college work there, then completed a BA degree at William Penn College in Oskaloosa Iowa. Then on to McCormick Seminary in Chicago for a MA degree in religious education.  I have worked as a Director of Christian Education in Bethany Union Church, Chicago; Presbyterian Churches in St. Cloud, MN and Salina, KS.  In 1940 I went to the Board of Christian Education working four years in the youth department.  From 1944-52 I served the synod of Indiana as a Director of Christian Education, traveling around the state, and doing a great deal of summer camp work.  Since October 1952 I have been at the Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church in Chicago.  My mother now makes her home with me, and we have a small apartment near the church.  What time I can find for hobbies is spent on photography, sewing and now this genealogy."

Helen's newsletter continued on an annual basis until shortly before her death in 1976.  What started as "this genealogy"  became a collection of many Trindle lineage charts and pictures.  Helen, collected information into books which were given to some of the major genealogical libraries in the country.  Her work, William Trindle Family Data,  is available online. Helen's work was a great example for me, a budding genealogist.  While her goal was to find her early ancestors she never made a connection without adequate proof.  She, herself, never connected her earliest known ancestor to William of Cumberland County.

One hope I've always had, was that the chest of information she had gathered over the years would surface.  I was told at one point that it was sitting in the basement of a niece.  Whether there is anything more than what I have managed to gather, I don't know, but I'd definitely like to look.

So, on to the solution of a weekly puzzle.
University of Wisconsin graduate posted 22 May 2013.  Alice A. Trindle is the daughter of Helen's brother John Ralph. (answer supplied by her cousin once removed.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Virginia (Maryland) to California

In 1870 Daniel Trindle age 50 was living in Cottonwood, Yolo, California.  He is listed second so it is assumed it is the household of William Parker age 35.  Daniel is a stock-raiser with person property worth $500. also living in the household are two 9 year old boys Charlie (Indian) and Charles Rice (w.) both were born in California.

In 1867 Daniel Hudson Trindle registered to vote in Cottonwood.  His place of birth is listed as Maryland.

Daniel Trindle born about 1824 in Maryland is found in Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri in 1850. He is a private in Col. Briggs company of the US Artillery.

Does any one claim Daniel?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Found in Virginia

In 1840 Charleston, Kanawha, Virginia (now West Virginia) we find the household of Nicholas Trindle, which consists of one male 30-40, one female 20-30, and two children under five, one boy and one girl.   To date I have found no other records for Nicholas who would have been born between 1800 and 1810.

Listed a few lines later we find the household of Jno (Jonathon?) Trindle.  Here we find another boy and girl under age 5, a male 30-40 and a female 40-50.  

Who are these Trindles?  Is the 40-50 year old female perhaps the mother rather than wife of Jno? She might also be another relative or nurse come to take care of the children.

I find no evidence of a Trindle family in Virginia before or after 1840, although an individual does pop up here and there who was born in Virginia.  

Any clues are welcome

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Miss Trindle (Nurse)

On 19 March 1920, Miss Trindle age 39, a nurse whose last residence was Rangoon in Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar) , disembarked from the Lancashire (1) in London.

No first name is given.  So Miss Trindle was born between 20 Mar 1880 and 19 Mar 1881.  She was not an alien, but that means only that she was born within the British Commonwealth.  Was she born in Burma or India?  Was she born in England or some other country?

The assumption is that she probably went to Burma during the Great War as a nurse and was returning to England as the final troops were being recalled.

Can anyone give her a first name?

The 1921 census, which might help if we search for a female Trindle age 40 who is a nurse, will not be released until 2022.  A search of the 1911 census yielded one 1881 birth, Eliza in Wales.  There was also a Catherine born in 1883 in Surrey, but it seems unlikely that she would make herself older.  The same is true for Edith bn 1883 in London in 1911.  Dorothea bn 1883 also in London in 1911 appears to have died in 1919 so is out of the picture.  Are one of these three woman Miss Trindle the nurse?

(1) - Bibby Line

Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Kansas City 1888

New York Life Building
Kansas City MO

Completed 1890
It seems that Trendell's were unlucky in Kansas City.  One year to the day before the drowning death of Charles Arthur Trendell, William C Trendell and two co-workers fell to their death when a scaffold collapsed as they laid bricks on the New York Life building. The fall was over 100 feet and Billy struck a wire on the way down which broke his neck.  Unlike the other two victims he probably did not live to feel the impact.

Two days later, 30 Jun 1888, the coroner's jury found that the contractor and the foreman of the carpenter's had been negligent, but not criminally so. (1)

Who is William C. Trendell.  The newspaper account, in which he is referred to as Billy Trendell and also Tremlyn says he was an officer of the bricklayers union, that he could not have been over 27 years old, was small and had a thick black mustache.

 Thursday, June 28, 1888
Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO)
Volume: 14   Issue: 244   Page: 1

The newspaper account quoted one mourner as stating, "Poor Billy.  Everybody that knew him liked him.  He's only a little fellow, you know, but what there was of him was good."

None of the Trendells (with any spelling) in the 1880 census looked promising.  More promising might be a few individuals born in the British Isles around 1861.  At least two do not appear to have any records after 1881.  Might they have emigrated.

I did not find a cemetery or a death certificate for William, and I also looked under the name Tremlyn using both William and Billy.

The second article, with the official verdict of the coroner's jury gave the name as William C. Trendell, making Trendell more likely than Tremlyn.

So who is William C. Trendell.  There must be more in the coroner's records.  Does anyone have access to them?  One would also expect a lawsuit or at least some sort of settlement if William had any family, so there might be information in the civil court records as well.  If not a lawsuit by the Trendell family perhaps by the family of one of the others?

And so the search is on!

(1) "A Verdict of Censure. Finding of the Jury in the Scaffold Victims' Case. John Russell", Kansas City Star, 30 Jun 1888, v:14 i.246 p1 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Charles Arthur Trendell

On 28 Jun 1888(9) Charles Arthur Trendell, age 14 born in Wisconsin, drowned in the Water Works Reservoir. (1)  The reservoir, known as the Holly Street Reservoir, was located in the area that in the 1930s was known as Observation Park. (2) He is buried in lot 47 plot 25 of Union Cemetery. (2)  His tombstone gives the 1888 date and the Trendell spelling , his death certificate gives a spelling of Trendle and the year as1889.

In working on this puzzle, I think I might have started to solve another.  In July I posted the puzzle of George Trindle George Trindle, railroad engineer, born in NY died in MS.  One of the possible connections was that he was the same person as George Trindale, railroad engineer, born in New York and found in Minnesota in 1880.  One of the problems with that connection was a son Arthur born in Wisconsin about 1875 and a son Arthur born in Mississippi in 1890.

So, here is a solution to that problem.  Charles ARTHUR born in Wisconsin about 1875 (would be 14 in 1889) died in 1889.  Now an Arthur born in 1890 is no longer a problem.

So, I propose that Charles Arthur Trendell is the son of George Trindal and Lydia Putnam and that George Trindal and and George Trindle are in fact the same person.  This leaves us with the questions:  Why Charles Arthur was in Kansas City?  Did George and Lydia get divorced or did Lydia die?  Did C. Arthur not want to live in Mississippi with his step-mother?  What happened to his siblings Gracy and Frank?

Much more to solve and corrections and questions are always welcome!

(1) Missouri Death Records Jackson County, Roll C #19509.
(2) The Water Supply System of Kansas City, Missouri,  T. D. Samuel, Jr.  Journal (American Water Works Association) Vol 22 No 9 (September, 1930) pp. 1236-1246; Old Reservoir, New Park Site , Northeast
(3) Find A Grave 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Richard Trendall

In 1635 Richard Trendall was one of the 72 passengers on the Expectation bound for Providence Island.

Providence Island Colony - Wikimedia
Settling on Providence Island by the English began in 1629 when Phillip Bell brought several Bermudians, both black and white, to set up a colony. Unlike the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the setters on Providence Island were not encouraged to become independent and until 1635 bring families was highly discouraged.

By 1635, the end of the year in which Richard Trendall arrived, there was a population of 500 white men, 40 women, 90 blacks and a few children, scattered across the island.  27 of those women had also arrive on the Expectation. The village of New Westminster had just thirty houses, mostly of timber.

You can read about the history of the Island on Wikipedia (click on link to the right) or if you'd like a more in depth look at the settlement find a copy of Providence Island, 1630-1641: The Other Puritan Colony.

The colony was wiped out by the Spanish in 1640.

So, who was Richard Trendall?  Did he survive the end of the colony and end up elsewhere in the West Indies? Perhaps he went to Bermuda where we find other Trendall records starting in 1645 (see last weeks puzzle).    

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Bermuda Connections

The following Trendall individuals and families are found in Bermuda.  Connections to England and the United States are likely, but to date have not been found.  Who are they?
  1. Margaret Trendall (by 1648) married Peter Seawell on 11 Nov 1663 at St. Philip (1)
  2. John Trendal and Margaret had a son John christened 11 Nov 1682 St. Philip (2) married Ann before 1705
    1.  Sarah christened 25 Mar 1705 (3)
    2. Mary bn abt 1708 married Turney Jun 1925 (4)
    3. child christened 27 Dec 1710 (5)
    4. Joseph christened 16 Oct 1715 (6)
    5. Elizabeth christened 14 Apr 1718 (7)
  3. ? Trendall married Mary Hearne 16 Jan 1693 (8)  Is this a brother of John?
  4. 4 Ann Trendall bn abt 1730 married Francis Hunte 14 Oct 1753 (9)  Is this the widow of John or perhaps a daughter whose christening was not recorded?
  5. There is also a John Trundall bn abt 1715 who might well be a Trendall.

View Larger Map

(1) Sanders, Joanne McRee, Barbados Records - Baptisms / Marriages  Sanders Historical Publishers 1982/4 -  p534 
(2) ibid p458
(3) ibid p465
(4) ibid p557
(5) ibid p466
(6) ibid p469
(7) ibid p470
(8) ibid p 538
(9) Ibid

Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - William C. Trendell

William C. Trendell was born abt 1854 in (Jamaica / West Indies / England) depending on which census record you are checking.(1)  All three are probably correct, Jamaica being the exact island, West Indies being the group of islands in the Caribbean controlled by the English(2), and England the ruling power.  Both his parents are listed as being born in England.

William immigrated to the United States about 1879 and married Mary Cutway in New York in 1880/81. They had one child Bessie in New York in 1882 and then moved to Laconia, Belknap, New Hampshire where they had four more children.  Belle was born in 1884, George in 1886, Josie in 1889 and Maxwell in 1891.

So.....who is William C Trendell.  Does he have siblings?  Who are his parents?

But before we go......Son Maxwell born 1891 presents a little mystery as well. On 1 Jun 1911 Maxwell Trendell the son of Charles (now is that a clue for finding more on William C) Trendell, bn England and Mary Cutway bn Ogdensburgh, New York, a musician with residence in  Laconia, New Hampshire married Clara Lavinia Young.

  • Vermont. Vermont Marriage Records, 1909-2003. Vermont State Archives and Records Administration, Montpelier, VT

On 12 Jul 1914 Maxwell Allen Trendell, a piano player the son of Charles Trendell and Mary Cautway married Charlotte May Billings in Derby, VT.  The mystery?  This is listed as a first marriage.  I find it very hard to believe this is not the same Maxwell Trendell, what happened to Clara?  And for that matter where is Charlotte?

  • Vermont. Vermont Marriage Records, 1909-2003. Vermont State Archives and Records Administration, Montpelier, VT
(1) See Common Sources for Census -  Laconia Belknap NH:  1900 roll pg; 1910 roll 860 pg 24B; 1920 roll 1000 pg 4B; 1930 roll 1298 pg 2B

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Puzzle

I've been looking for a puzzle to post all week. The good news was it was a very productive week.  I checked lots of loose ends and tied them all up.  I must have connected thirty to forty individuals and that doesn't include the dozens of family members already connected to them.  But I didn't find a really good puzzle.......

So ...   I thought I'd show how I keep all those loose ends organized when I am working on a one name study.

In order to find individuals later and be able to compare birth dates and places, marriages, deaths, etc., I find that it is most practical to enter everyone into my genealogy program.  I use Roots Magic for a number of reasons, one is the ease with which you can merge two individuals into one when the records prove they are the same person.

With over 11,000 individuals in my file I need a little more organization than just entering them, in order to find them easily again. So I've given everyone the same common ancestor "Main List Trindle" and broken it down from there.

The first breakdown is by Country.  While I believe I am chasing Trindles from the British Isles, the area where they settled also had early German settlers so I decided early on that I would just collect Trindles from anywhere.  Canadian and Australian individuals might well be from the same families as those that settled in the US.  Austrians, Polish and other European Trindles might be descended from soldiers who originated in the British Isles.  Rather than arbitrarily drawing a line on what to collect, it seemed prudent to collect all.  This has proven wise over the years as connections emerege.

There are also many variations of the name spelling, and again there is no easy process of leaving out certain records.  I have too many instances of records with the spellings Trindal, Trindel, Trendle, Trindall, etc when I know that they connect to William of PA to not collect all of them.  What if I skipped the one record that might tie them all together.

The next breakdown after country is state, shire, county etc.

Most states then have between five and ten loose ends, Trindle individuals that have not been connected to a father. In the US, Pennsylvania has the most.  Forty-two individuals await the connection of their parents.  Among these are William of Trindle Springs who has thousands of descendants, William of Westmoreland, who has hundreds more, and a few individuals that are totally unconnected to anyone.

Each line is placed in the location of the earliest record found for the family.

This system works for me.  When I find a new record, or perhaps an old one that I've forgotten I had I can easily search two ways for connections.  I can look first at the main listing of people in the file to see if there is a person with that exact name and birth date that the record might be for.  Then if I'm still looking for a match I can look at those living in and around the place where the record was found to see if there might be a fit.  With so many spellings of the surname and the flexibility of given names this often produces better results.  Once I find a possible match I can then start an in depth record search for that individual.

In fact, I thought I had a puzzle for today, but that in depth search produced a record that added parents to one of the individuals involved that could not be the parents of the second.  There are still many loose ends, watch for more puzzle postings!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Stephen Davis Trindal

Nearly every Record for Stephen comes with a different spelling of his surname, but the last, his tombstone reads Trindle.

According to most records, Stephen was born about 1830 in Ohio.  Before 1858 he married Orilla Littlefield, whether that marriage took place in Ohio or in Minnesota is unknown.  Stephen and Orilla had eight children between 1858 and 1872. (1)

  • Infant (1858-1858)
  • William (1859-1932)
  • Mary (1860-1879)
  • Silas (1865-  )
  • James (1866-1867)
  • Anna (1867- )
  • John (1871-1871)
  • Emory (1872-1879)
The children were all born in Pilot Mound, Filmore, MN.  Stephen and Orilla were divorce by 1880.  Emory was born in 1872 and Stephen was not living with Orilla in 1875 or 1880 (3), so that time period can probably be refined to 1872-1875.

In 1880 Stephen is living in Wabasha, Wabasha, MN with Emily and two children. 
Theron (1872 - 1939)
Wilmer (1875 -   )

As Theron was born only ten months after Emory, it seems probable that Stephen left Orilla shortly after Emory's birth.

Stephen served with Company C MN 2nd Infantry from May 1964 to Jul 1865.  He filed for a pension on 25 Jan 1886.  His application number was 560003 and his certificate number was 351057.

It is possible that this compilation is for two Stephen Trindal's, but no record gets in the way of it being one man and Orilla's 1880 census record states she is divorced.

Who are Stephen's parents?

  • One census record suggests they were born in New Jersey.  
  • Family researchers suggest that he is the son of William Trindal bn abt 1804 in Canada and Sarah (Susan) Russell (1808-1832).  Siblings are listed as Daniel, Westley, Mary Ann and Ruth.  Ruth is listed as being born in 1834 two years after Sarah's death.  Daniel and Westley have no birth dates listed.
  • Add to the mix, William Wesley Trindal living in Beaver Dam WS in 1880.  He married Harriette Spaulding in 1857 in Beaver Dam (2).  William was supposedly born in Wales on 8 Aug 1799.  Known children of William and Harriette (3) are:
    • Daniel H (1852-1928)
    • Belle Harriet (1860-1931)
    • Wesley Willliam (1861-1944)
    • John W (1863-  )
    • Henry Ferdinand (1868-1925)
The two William Trindals listed here could be the same person.  No records conflict.  The listing of Daniel and Wes(t)ley as siblings of Stephen creates a tie as the only Daniel was born well before the marriage of William and Hariette, so is more likely to be the child of a first wife.  There are no records supporting a birth of a Wesley to Sarah, but we do have records supporting the connection to Harriette.

The multiple places of birth for William does create confusion.  If these records are for the same man, where was he born?  Canada, New Jersey, Wales?

It would be wonderful if researchers would list all their sources as they put those families together. 


  1. Minnesota Historical Society. Minnesota State Population Census Schedules, 1865-1905. St. Paul, MN, USA: Minnesota Historical Society, 1977. Microfilm. Reels 1-47 and 107-164 . v 1865
  2. Wisconsin Vital Records, 1820-1907. Provo, UT:, 2000. Original Data: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. Wisconsin Vital Record Index, pre-1907. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services Vital Records Division, 19xx.  William Trindle 09 Aug 1857 Dodge 01 0301
  3. Bureau of the Census RG29 Micropublication T9 1.454 Rolls, Tenth Census of the United States 1880, population schedules (Washington, National Archives and Records Administration)  Roll 1419     Page 314C; Orilla Roll: 636; Family History Film: 1254636; Page: 448D; Enumeration District: 178

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - George Trindle

George Trindle
Photo from FindAGrave Memorial 84625006 courtesy of BettyF 

George was born 6 Jun 1850 in New York and died 27 Apr 1901 in Mississippi.  He and many of his family are buried in Natchez City Cemetery. George married Emma A Noyes (1870 AL/MS - 1943 MS) on 17 Nov 1887 in Adams Co, MS (1) and they had three known children
  • James Frederick 1888 MS-1964 MS m. Mary Lombardo (1 child bn 1918 not living with them in 1920)
  • Arthur @1890 MS - 1944 m Mary Louise Cruise (5 children)
  • Lewis Edward Trindle @1890 MS - 1969 OK m. Winnie McDonald (2 children) 
These are the George Trindles that I have records for who were born in the right era
1. George W. Trindle son of James S. Trindle and Margaret Baird bn in PA 1850.  He is accounted for in 1900 and we have a death record for 1914.

2. George Trindle son of Francis Trindle and Lucy bn 1850 CT.  He is listed with his parents Francis and Lucy with the notation "paupers of Brookfield" written on the side. I have no records for George or his parents after 1860.

3. George Trindell bn 1850 in Maryland was living in Baltimore in 1880.

4.  George Trindell bn 1843 New York is indexed in the 1850 census, but closely comparing the writing to other records it is obvious this is George Prindell.

5.  George Trindle bn abt 1847. FamilySearch lists a birth/baptism for George the son of Gilbert and Mariah on 2 Apr 1847.  George (found in Mississippi) used a birth date of 6 Jun 1850.  

In 1850 he is living with his parents in Oswego County.

Gilbert is not found in any other censuses.  George is found in the 1860 census in Lewis County, living with Himar Stafford.  Maria (Mariah) is not in the household..  This is the same place where the birth record is found  so it likely to be the same George.  He is has not been found in the 1870 or 1880 census to date.

FamilySearch lists a birth for George the son of Gilbert and Mariah on 2 Apr 1847.  Our George has a birth date of 6 Jun 1850 on this tombstone and a date of Feb 1860 in the 1900 census.

6. [Or is this still #5] is George Trindle/Trindell bn abt 1847 in NY.  George married Lydia Putnam abt 1868. According to birth records of his known children he is living in  Wisconsin in 1869 (Estella 1869- 1945 WA) and 1876 (Arthur 1876-unk) and possibly in Alabama/California ?  in 1873 where Gracy is born.  However, he is listed as a RR Engineer in the 1880 census so it is possible that the family traveled with him at times.

Note BP #4 

This is corroborated by the census, he is listed living next to his in-laws in Brown, Wisconsin in 1870 and in Waseca, Minnesota in 1880.  The 1870 census states he was born in Michigan, the 1880 census lists his birthplace as New York.  

This is a difficult family to trace.  In 1870 the name is spelled Trindle, in 1880 Trindale, and on Estella's death certificate Trindell.  No further records for any of the family were found after 1880 except for Estella whose death certificate lists her parents George Trindell and Lydia Putnam.

So ... is George in fact the same man as one of those listed above.  It is hard to believe that there would be no record for him before 1887 if he was born in New York.  Of course I might have missed records, and he might well be hiding in the census if he wasn't living with parents in any census year.

HELP!   There are descendants of George from Alabama and I believe of Estella out there.  Does anyone have records that might supply more information I look forward to any contributions that shed light on the puzzle of George of Mississippi.

(1)  "Mississippi, Marriages, 1800-1911." Index. FamilySearch. : accessed 2013. (note Emma's name is wrong in this record)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Thomas Trindle

Here's another Cumberland County (PA) Puzzle.  Thomas Trindle is living in Carlisle in 1789.  Who is Thomas?  None of the sons of William had a son named Thomas.  Is Thomas his nephew or great-nephew.  Is he perhaps a son of John who resided somewhere in Cumberland Co. when John Jr. (son of William) serves on a Jury.  It seems unlikely that he is completely unrelated.  Is this Thomas the Thomas Trindal, bn 1760-1770, who is found in Philadelphia in 1830?  If so where is he between 1789 and 1830?

We all thought as more records became available we would start to find answers to our genealogical puzzles.  But sometimes it seems they grow more intricate with each record set that emerges.  I'm looking for more early records for Thomas with any spelling of Trindle (Trindal, Trindel, Trindall, Trindell, Tren.......etc)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - J.F. Trindle praises Hoyt's Compound

Monitor-Index and Democrat - Moberly MO
Thursday Evening, Oct 3,1929

So... a slightly different puzzle today.  John Fleming Trindle was living in Jefferson City, Missouri when he was married in 1927, so the assumption is this should be him.  BUT - John Fleming Trindle was only 22 years old in 1929.  Either this is not John Fleming or either his illness or Hoyt's Compound caused him to age a little beyond his years.  Or perhaps the ad agency thought he looked a little too young to be effective so they aged him?  How would that work if everyone knew him?

John's father is Jesse Thomas.  I have not found him in the census for 1930, but he died in Jefferson City in 1947.  Might the J.T have been corrupted to J.F?

Does anyone have a picture of John Fleming or Jesse Thomas Trindle for comparison?  Was there another J.F. Trindle in Jefferson City?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Jacob Trindle

One of the early records found in Franklin Co., PA is a tax record for Jacob Trindle in Guilford in 1786.  He is the only Trindle found in the area and to date has not been found in other records.
 Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission; Records of the Office of the Comptroller General, RG-4; Tax & Exoneration Lists, 1762-1794; Microfilm Roll: 327
There are only two other Jacob Trindles found so far in US records.  One Jacob Justin Trindle (1850 IN - 1901 IA) was the son of Andrew Trindle and Mary DeHart.  There are many records documenting his life.

The other, Jacob S Trindle has been found in only one census record.   In 1920 he is living in Dublin, Pulaski, Virginia.  He is listed with his wife Sally and daughter Ruby.  Although supposedly born in Virginia about 1858, I did not find him in the 1860-1910 census records.
Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920. (NARA microfilm publication T625-1907; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 56; Dwelling 45 Household 46
Who are the two "one record" Jacobs?  Are they really Trindles.  The images shown here definite read that way.  If so, why have no other records been found.  The records for Franklin county might not be online, a search through land records might help.  The Census for Virginia should have some mention of Jacob born 1858 though.  I've searched with with many variations of Trindle and also Trimble.  HELP WANTED!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - When is a Spinster Not a Spinster

Well, after a week off to spend time with living relatives...very cute granddaughters no less, it is time to pose a new puzzle.  But unlike the other puzzles posted here, I have the answer to this one.

Take the case of Jane Trindle found in Lugen Pennsylvania in 1828 listed as a spinster.  Is this the missing wife of David Trindle, who died in 1814 a victim of the rigors of the war of 1812.

Jane and David's supposed son John was married in Chambersburg with like Lugan is in Franklin County in 1831.  Lugen is within 40 miles of Trindle Springs where David grew up, the youngest child of John Trindle and Margery McQuisten.  But the listing as spinster gets in the way.

The answer comes by delving deeper.  In 1821 Jane is again found in Lurger, but this time she is listed as both a widow and a spinster.  Obviously, spinster does not mean an unmarried woman in this case.

The Marian-Webster Dictionary puts the correct definition first....a woman who's occupation is to spin thread or yarn. Other dictionary's are not so helpful.

Wikipedia offers the following .... "spinster, or old maid, is an older, childless woman who has never been married. A "spinster" is not simply a "single" woman, but a woman who has not formed a human pair bond by the time she is approaching or has reached menopause and the end of her reproductive lifespan."  I would guess that they did not consult the many marriage records where a woman was listed as spinster and then has a child a few months later.

By far the most interesting definitions of spinster are found in the Urban Dictionary.  But the most useful in our case might be those that state a spinster is an older woman who is unmarried, including widows and divorcees.  With this definition Jane can be a spinster twice over and a widow to boot.

But back to Jane. It does seem that this is the wife of David and it is nice to see that by 1842 she no longer has to earn her living spinning and instead is listed as a lady.

How many times do we pass by a record, thinking that it can't possibly be the right record.  I this case the word spinster might have kept us from finding Jane in Franklin county.  That presence provides enough circumstantial evidence to believe that the otherwise undocumented connections of John R. Trindle to David are correct.

I am patiently waiting for the War of 1812 pension records for Jane to be digitized.  We know she received a pension and also was awarded bounty land  in 1853 under authority of the September 28, 1850: ScripWarrant Act of 1850 (9 Stat. 520) and again  in 1858 under authority of the March 3, 1855: ScripWarrant Act of 1855 (10 Stat. 701) for David's service with Captain Dunns Company of the Pennsylvania Militia.  

Perhaps the pension files will finally give a clue to her parentage.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Deep in the Heart of Texas

Okay, maybe a little north of the heart...In Young County we find William Trindle bn abt 1853 in Tennessee with his wife Alice bn 1863 TX or was it in fact Missouri. Children were all born in Texas.  (Elmer, Georgia, Addie, Ora, Homer, Alonzo and Hollie)...

The name is scribbled over.  Indexed as Trindle, it might well be Trimble.  What do you think?  Can anyone claim this family?

Are they related to the John H. Trindle mentioned in the last post?  He supposedly went to Texas.  But then, that would not explain William''s birth in Tennessee.

As you can see there are so many loose ends that don't easily connect back to William of Trindle Springs.  We need lots of help to tie them together.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - John M Trindle

John M. Trindle bn 1816 d 15 Aug 1835 is buried in Vernon Cemetery, Vernon, Jennings, Indiana.

Who is he.  No other Trindle records have been found, to date, in Jennings County.

Population of Jennings County

In 1840 Alexander Trindle was one of the appraisers in the estate of Jacob Funkhouser in adjoining Ripley County. Alexander was born about 1804, making him too young to be the father of John. He does name a son, born in 1840, John K.

According to his descendants, Alexander was the son of William Trindle born 1765-1774, died 1820 in Fairfield, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. I have not seen irrefutable proof at this point of his parentage. If Alexander is the son of this William, then there was purportedly a brother John (H) who again supposedly had a son John who lived in Philadelphia and then moved on and died in Texas. Again I have no records upholding any of these connections.  

That John was said to have been born in 1798, therefore not the John M. born in 1816. The last known child attributed to William was born in 1809. It seems unlikely that he had a child born in 1816.

So where does that leave us. Were John M in Jennings County and Alexander Trindle in Ripley county totally unrelated? Or were they cousins? If anyone can claim John or show proof of the connections of Alexander"s family, please leave a message!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - The Go To Ancestor

William (1709-1774)  is the go to guy! (I'll post his bio in a few weeks)  Every Trindle descendant is sure that he is their GG+ grandfather.  Unfortunately, it isn't always true.  Besides the Irish and German Trindles that filtered in from the early 1800s on, there are a number of Trindles in Pennsylvania that just don't fit in.

You know that story that William came from ......fill in your country of choice (Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man).... with two brothers?  I've heard it from most Trindle researchers.  Well, it very well could be true.  Either we have a number of family members that could be in two places at once (or even three) or there were Trindles who were contemporaries of William. And then there are those random names that just don't fit in.

With my husbands link to William verified by probate and other documents, our connection is secure.  And it really isn't really that we want to disown you!  It's just that I like the puzzle pieces to fit.  I do get a bit worried when some of the family trees running around on the internet have Alexander married to Alexander, and William born circa 1794 the son of .... hm "I can't quite remember who" born about 1815.  I'd really like to get it right!  And if we can find brothers for William, we just might be able to find a father and we'll all be one big happy family again!

Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission; Records of the Office of the Comptroller General, RG-4; Tax & Exoneration Lists, 1762-1794; Microfilm Roll: 327
So the next few weekly puzzles will show some of the many loose ends found in Pennsylvania before 1800.  Perhaps you have found a document that does make a connection for one of these families.  Perhaps you have a document that I'm missing that puts other links in question.  Everything is welcome.  I'll be happily post any opinion that is civil, but I do get to comment!

Let's take the case of John Trindle, Sr. and John Trindle, single,  found in Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County in 1785 and subsequent years.

William had a son John, born circa 1731 who lived in Cumberland county.  One might believe he could have owned land 150 miles away, however he died in 1784.  Additionally John Sr. in this listing appears to be relatively poor.  John Trindle in Cumberland County left quite an estate.

So John, Sr. was not William's son.

John, born 1831 had a son John born in 1868, he was not old enough to be either John listed in the tax record here.

Mapquest - Westmoreland Co.
Therefore, neither of these John's can be a descendant of William.  However, they might be a brother, a nephew, a great-nephew.

Now I know there are quite a few of you out there that are descendants of William of Westmoreland,  born 1765-1774, died 1821 in Fairfield, Westmoreland, PA.  I'd like to challenge you to find a connection to these Johns.  The distance from Mt. Pleasant to Derry is only 21 miles.  Delving further into land records in the county and looking for probate records might provide further clues.

The more people looking the more likely we are to eventually find the right connections.

While looking pay attention to records for an Archibald Trindle as well.  Some records appear to say Trimble others Trindle.  Archibald was born about 1755 and was living in Derry, Westmoreland, PA from at least 1786 through 1800.  He had five or more children, one may have been John bn abt 1794.

Second Census of the United States, 1800 M32-41 page 1226

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - 1800 Vermont

In 1800 in Ferrisburgh, Addison, Vermont we find Samuel Trindle and most likely his two sons Samuel and Gideon.  Samuel records are a dime a dozen, but I have found only one other record with a Gideon Trindle.

1870 TRINDLE GIDEON D. Walnut Township, Butler County KS - Gideon was born about 1844 in Vermont.  There must be a connection to the first Gideon bn abt 1770 living in Vermont in 1800, but what is it?  Does anyone have any clues?

Is this another case of misspelling?  Some suggest that the 1870 census is Prindle.  Look closely.  What do you think?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - University of Wisconsin graduate

Here is another Wisconsin puzzle-  From the University of Wisconsin Badger Yearbook Class of 1950

This is Alice A Trindle of Madison - her emphasis was Hispanic Studies.  She was a member of Sigma Delta Pi - The National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society.

Who is Alice?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Another Canadian

WWI Recruit David Trindle was born about 1897 in Webesce Alberta.  He was the son of Charles Trindle and belonged to the Church of England.

Does anyone claim David?

Library and Archives Canada  Military and Peacekeeping - Soldiers of the First World War -  
Regimental number(s): 3206285
Reference: RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 9787 - 3  Date of Birth: 03/11/1897

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Murder

 On 15 Nov1899 The Janesville, Wisconsin Daily Gazette reported the murder of Charles Trindle by Len Scofield of Token Creek.

Or....did they....directly under the original article is a second and the victim is listed as Charles Prindle.  Does anyone know?  If this is Charles Trindle, who are his parents?  Did he have a family?

It is confusing enough when indexes get a name wrong, but here we have the original newspaper with both Trindle and Prindle.

Can anyone help?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - John Trindle, Half Breed

 John Trindle, born 1867 at Fort Good Hope in the Northwest Territories.  His father was Peter Trindle a half-breed and Susanne Lapis a full blooded Indian.

According to this claim he was living in the Fort Smith area of the Northwest Territories in 1879.

Who is Peter Trindle?  Who was his father?  What happened to John Trindle?

If you have any information leave a comment or send an email to and I'll be in touch.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Puzzle - Who is Josephine?

 Aged Wife Finds Divorce Summons in Husband's Mail, Now Wants Freedom. Josephine Stokes, Aged 64 (18 Feb 1912 Idaho Statesman p12)

I do not have a Josephine that would have been born about 1848 in the information I've gathered.  The article says she was born a Trindle.  So this is my first weekly puzzle.  Who is Josephine Trindle?

Mrs. Stokes Gets Her Freedom in Court. Granted Divorce on Ground That Her Husband Had Another Wife Living (News Article)  Date: 1912-03-03; Paper: Idaho Statesman p2c2


Friday, February 1, 2013

Trindle Bookshelf

I have created a google bookshelf....comprised of free e-books that have references to Trindles anywhere in the world.  It is a public bookshelf, feel free to add a book, I'm sure I've missed a few.  When you click on a book, do a search for Trindle within the book to find the references.  You will find the link on the bar on the right of the blog.  For those who would like to check it out immediately, click here.